Bash Bish Falls: A Must-Do Hike in the Berkshires

A hike through the forest to see thundering falls cascading down a granite rock face into a deep emerald pool is simply heavenly on a hot summer day. However, it’s equally enticing on a cool and crisp fall afternoon when foliage is at its peak in the mountains of the Berkshires.

Two Routes to Bash Bish Falls

Hiking to Bash Bish Falls, one of New England’s most powerful waterfalls, tempts many travelers to Western Massachusetts. There are two trailheads to this magnificent sight, one in Massachusetts and one in New York.

Massachusetts Trailhead

The Massachusetts trail, approximately a 0.6-mile round trip journey, follows Bash Bish Brook into the woods where a steeper incline can present a challenge. The reward, of course, is more than worth the journey for experienced hikers.

New York Trailhead

Across the border in New York, Taconic State Park offers a gentler access to the falls. About 10 minutes into this 20-minute hike from the NY trailhead, you’ll see a sign that welcomes to Massachusetts. At 1.5-miles round trip, the trail offers a wide path that gently slopes towards your goal. You may encounter some tricky spots due to uneven terrain. However, this is clearly the option that minimizes the risk of stumbling for those unused to scrabbling down slippery boulders. This is a better choice for novice hikers and young children.

The Falls

No matter which route you take, at the end of the trail, you’ll witness twin falls dramatically tumbling in V formation into the pool below. At 80 vertical feet, Bash Bish is the highest single-drop waterfall in Massachusetts. Located in the southwestern part of the state near the Connecticut and New York state borders, it’s a popular attraction for everyone.

Although you might be tempted to take a plunge in the enticing pool at the foot of the falls, it is strictly prohibited. Instead, take a seat along the shore and simply enjoy the breathtaking view and the occasional cool mist that drifts across the pool.

You’ll no doubt encounter eager photographers trying desperately to capture the full volume of water plummeting deafeningly down the rock face by inching as close as possible to the precipice. Despite the Fall’s awe-inspiring beauty, it’s best to resist the urge to get too close to the edge of the pool just for a photo op.

More Information about Bash Bish Falls

Dogs are welcome to accompany you on your hike as long as they are on a leash. Other restrictions include no picnicking, grilling, or fires. For safety reasons, you should always carry water with you and wear appropriate footwear. You’ll find an information kiosk at the New York trail head. Portable toilets are available from May to October at the Massachusetts parking lot and at the falls scenic viewing area.

Lodging Near Bash Bish Falls

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