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Waterfall cascading down rocks surrounded by mossy green rocks and trees

Your Complete Guide to Waterfalls in the Berkshires

Pack a pair of sturdy hiking boots and don’t forget your complete guide to waterfalls in the Berkshires. Home to a dozen mesmerizing cascades and cataracts, western Massachusetts stands out as one of the best places to witness torrents of water gushing down a granite rock face or tumbling through boulders.

There’s something magical about hiking through a dense forest and stumbling upon a waterfall. Some hikes find you following a babbling brook to the source of gushing water. Others may lead you up steep hills to a gorge with towering rock walls. And on some hikes, you may hear the roar of the falls long before you lay eyes on them.

With so many stunning waterfall hikes to recommend to guests of our bed and breakfast in the Berkshires, it helps to have some inside intel on what to expect before you head out on your mission to find, and perhaps photograph, these marvels of Mother Nature. So, scanning the map we’ve identified a dozen waterfall hikes we encourage you to tackle, listed here by distance from the inn.

Stevens Glen

Location: Richmond, MA
Distance from Inn: 9 miles

Not as well-known as many other waterfalls in the Berkshires, Stevens Glen offers a gentle 0.7-mile hike one-way through a gorgeous glen.

Lulu Cascade

Location: Pittsfield, MA
Distance from Inn: 17 miles

Enveloped in a lovely ravine, Lulu Cascade, located in the Pittsfield State Forest, is an easy 5-minute trek to a charming cascade slicing through moss-covered granite.

Umpachene Falls

Location: New Marlboro, MA
Distance from Inn: 19 miles

Once granted permission to enter by the groundskeeper, Umpachene Falls is the ideal waterfall to seek out on a hot summer’s day. Slip into the delightfully refreshing water of this unique Berkshires swimming hole.

Glendale Falls

Location: Chester, MA
Distance from the Inn: 20 miles

 If you enjoy scrambling over rocks, Glendale Falls is the place to be. The sheer volume and size of the 160-foot drop tumbles over rock ledges and boulders. Though the pool at the base appears inviting, beware of the current.

Wahconah Falls

Location: Dalton, MA
Distance from the Inn: 20 miles

An easy scenic drive from the inn leads to Wahconah Falls State Park, home of the eponymous falls. One of the tributaries of the Housatonic River feeds the 40-foot cascade. Take the half-mile loop along the upper falls for a lovely view.

Race Brook Falls

Location: Sheffield, MA
Distance from the Inn: 20 miles

Prepare for a more invigorating hike when you head out to Race Brook Falls. Actually a series of five distinct falls, most folks don’t realize that the hike continues up to the summit of Mount Everett where stunning views await.

Bash Bish Falls

Location: Mt. Washington, MA
Distance from the Inn: 23 miles

The big daddy of all Berkshire’s waterfalls, the trek into Bash Bish Falls ends at the 80-foot single drop waterfall. Taking the Massachusetts trailhead is a more difficult, but shorter hike; whereas the New York trailhead offers a more moderate, but a longer journey.

Campbell Falls

Location: Norfolk, CT
Distance from the Inn: 23 miles

Located in Campbell Falls State Park just over the border in Connecticut, this hike is a relatively easy 40-minute out and back trek. The unique zigzag feature of the Campbell Falls makes it a particularly popular one.

Bellevue Falls

Location: Adams, MA
Distance from the Inn: 26 miles

If you’re in the mood for a little cliff jumping, head to Bellevue Falls. The short (6-foot) waterfall splits into 2 segments filling the inviting pool at its base. An 8-foot jump from the cliffs plunges you into the cool water below.

Money Brook Falls

Location: Williamstown, MA
Distance from the Inn: 35 miles

Access to this often-overlooked waterfall is along the road to the summit of Mt. Greylock. Money Brook Falls are best viewed in late spring or early summer when its 80-foot drop swells with snowmelt.

Tannery Falls

Location: Savoy, MA
Distance from the Inn: 35 miles

Tannery Falls is the main attraction in this area of competing waterfalls. A thundering veil of white water at the top of this 80-foot drop spills down to a series of horsetail falls.

Twin Cascade

Location: Florida, MA
Distance from the Inn: 39 miles

Composed of two waterfalls that cascade in a Y-shaped pattern, Twin Cascade is the furthest from the inn, but well worth the trip. The source of the falls lies hidden behind a steep gorge making it appear as if water is falling from heaven.

Clearly, waterfall fans will find a visit to the Berkshires a rewarding experience. But truth be told, western Massachusetts is a delightful spot for anyone seeking a serene and beautiful destination in which to relax. Book a stay with us soon and let us show you the beauty of the region and the best waterfall hikes in the Berkshires.

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