The Arts Return to the Berkshires

Isn’t it thrilling when flowers start popping up in springtime? And as we move toward summer, it’s wonderful to see bare tree limbs sprout new leaves and flowers. It’s the normal cycle of life, going from dormancy to full life. Something similar is happening right here as the arts return to the Berkshires for the 2021 summer season. Art lovers can look forward to a season of lively and thrilling performances!

The Allure of Music


Since 1937, music lovers have enjoyed entertainment at the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s (BSO) summer home. Famous musicians have been performing here for decades. The BSO will offer the same Tanglewood experience in 2021, only with a shorter, six-week concert schedule. Come enjoy performances by the Boston Symphony, Boston Pops, Tanglewood Music Center orchestras, and other large ensemble groups.

The Liveliness of Dance

Jacob’s Pillow

Dancing makes people happy as it enhances positive energy and good vibes. In fact, just watching someone dance can lift your spirits. That’s why we’re excited to see the return of performances at Jacob’s Pillow. What’s more, Jacob’s Pillow will hold their first ever multi-platform festival this summer. You can experience the liveliness of dance in person or virtually. If you plan to attend in person, then get ready for lively performances in a cozy outdoor setting.

The Thrill of Theatre

Live theater is a powerful way to experience life’s joys, sorrows, and even quirks. In fact, hearing the laughter, gasps, sighs, and sobs of fellow attendees is a unifying experience. As the arts return to the Berkshires, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy live theatre.

Berkshire Theatre Festival

Bring your summer to life by attending a performance in one of the Berkshire Theatre Group venues. Two of the oldest Berkshire County establishments have mergeg to offer the finest performing arts. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience one of these five stages:

  1. The 400-seat Fitzpatrick Main Stage
  2. The 122-seat Unicorn Theatre
  3. The outdoor Neil Ellenoff Stage on the Berkshire Theatre Festival campus in Stockbridge
  4. The 800-seat Colonial Theatre
  5. The Garage performance space in Pittsfield.

Williamstown Theatre Festival

Williamstown Theatre Festival has featured many of the country’s finest actors, directors, designers, and playwrights. Residents and summer visitors alike have been thrilled to experience something so magical. The small but powerful venue transports audiences to another world. For the summer of 2021, you’ll experience classic and bold new plays and musicals, as well as a rich selection of other cultural events.

Shakespeare & Company

Founded in 1978, Shakespeare & Company is one of the largest Shakespeare Festivals in the country! The Company develops and performs Shakespearean, classical, and contemporary plays. New plays of social and political significance also add a measure of intrigue. Shakespeare embraced values such as: cooperation, devotion to language, giving a profoundly emotional experience, and classical ideals. These core values are exactly what you’ll find during live theatre performances by Shakespeare & Company

Barrington Stage

Barrington Stage strives to create a rich theatre experience for visitors. High-quality musicals, masterful classics, and new productions await! That means entertaining, electric and provocative presentations are waiting for you.

Now that the Berkshires have left winter behind, the countryside is alive and vibrant. That same restoration to life holds true for you as the arts in the Berkshires return this summer. Devonfield Inn is the ideal location to stay while you enjoy the theatre and other cultural events. Start making your plans now!