Exciting Updates at Bousquet Mountain Ski Resort in the Berkshires

Ski resorts have certainly evolved into magnificent centers of winter recreation. And sophisticated ski equipment makes skiing better and more enjoyable than ever before, like snow-making to ensure you will have an exciting day on the slopes. Bousquet Mountain Ski Area is no exception in providing a outstanding skiing for your winter enjoyment. Take a look at these exciting updates at Bousquet Mountain Ski Resort in the Berkshires

Enhancements at Bousquet Mountain Ski Area

Enthusiastic New Management Team 

Fresh thinking can often lead to significant improvement. Bousquet’s new owners will be collaborating with the owners of Berkshire East Mountain Resort and Catamount Ski Area, which means experience and energy is behind the operation of the establishment. The new owners have gone on record to being committed to building a strong skiing culture.

Shared Season Passes

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy one season pass and have access to three ski areas? A new feature at Bousquet is joining Catamount and Berkshire East ski areas on the Bousquet Summit Season Pass. If you’re a frequent visitor to the Berkshires, it’s a great value to consider.

New Chairlifts

A new triple chairlift will be installed to serve skiers. This allows an additional person to be carted to the top on each chair which increases the flow of skiers. What does that mean for you? Less waiting and more skiing!

Snow-Making Cannons

Bousquet has the ability to manufacture the substance that is all important to skiing – snow. To that end, Bousquet has put in new water lines and snow-making cannons. To ensure that the snow would be of better quality, they went a step further by renovating, completely revamping, and modernizing the pump house. It’s all done to ensure that you have a great skiing experience.

Snow Grooming

Snow grooming packs all the snow down, making it tightly compressed and will make your day of skiing a pleasure. Bousquet has acquired new snow grooming equipment which will have the runs ready to give you a great day of skiing.

New Trail Configurations

It’s always fun and exciting to try something new. If you’ve been here before, then you’ll appreciate having trails laid out in new and exciting patterns.

Take a look at what you have at your disposal for skiing: 1,068-foot base elevation, 1,818-foot peak elevation with a 750-foot vertical drop. There are 23 trails: 5 beginners, 8 intermediate, 10 advanced, and 3 expert trails just waiting for you to try. Looking at an aerial view will get your imagination going.

The Lodge and Amenities

Future plans include updates at the lodge. . The current plan is to use the upstairs banquet area as soon as it is permissible. It’s roomy enough to allow visitors to dine while social distancing.

For the time being, food will be served in two locations: In the pavilion and a walk-up food and beverage area. And when you get tired, look for fire pits and seating areas to give your weary legs a break from going down the slopes.

In addition to skiing, there are four tubing lanes for the winter enthusiasts that are non-skiers. For those that want to partake of the thrill of night skiing, it is also available.

Do you want lessons? Instructors are here to help you develop your skills. Beginners can get lined up with the Snow Sports School. There are also Private Lessons, Group Lessons, and Lessons for Kids.

What can you expect from these exciting updates at Bousquet Mountain Ski Resort in the Berkshires? An enhanced skiing opportunity that results in fun and excitement for all who visit. What’s more, being close to the Devonfield Inn makes it a convenient location for a day’s outing. Or, if you’re taking an extended getaway, you can also take advantage of Catamount and Berkshire East ski areas. And at the end of the day, how nice it will be to change from skiing and wind down, soothe your tired muscles, and enjoy a relaxing evening at the Devonfield Inn.