Happy couple window shopping at Christmas

5 Reasons to Get Away to the Berkshires for the Holidays

The holidays can be a hectic, but fun-filled, time of the year. So, before you get all caught up in baking, decorating, shopping, and planning, take a break. Give yourself permission to step back and rethink your strategy for making the most of the season, And, if you need a little convincing, let us show…

Couple on a hike taking in the autumn views

Autumn Leaves and Longer Sleeves

The Best Ways to See the Fall Foliage in the Berkshires As the end of summer draws near, we’re looking forward to a new season filled with new adventures, and we hope you’ll join us. You may need to add a layer or two, but autumn is meant to be celebrated outdoors, so pack your…

Autumn road

Autumn In The Berkshires

Few places offer more local color than the Berkshires in the Fall. Once the last notes of the Tanglewood season fade, the trees themselves come front and center to become the main attraction from one end of Berkshire County to the other.