7 Reasons to Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum

When it comes to art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In light of this fact, which artist was able to captivate the hearts of millions of people with his art? Norman Rockwell. His charming and often funny scenes portraying American life had enormous appeal for countless millions and would come to have significant influence by the message they conveyed. At one time, he was the most-loved artist in America. For both your enjoyment and education, here are 7 reasons to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum.

1. His art portrays a fascinating segment of American life and the culture of ordinary people.

Many people often view learning about history as dull and gain little from it as a result. However, Norman Rockwell had the ability to capture a slice of America in ways people could relate to. Even though they may not have been aware of it, they were learning from the scenes portrayed.

While at the museum, check out two of Rockwell’s “Visits” works: Norman Rockwell Visits A Country Editor and Norman Rockwell Visits a Family Doctor. You may be astounded at the historical information rendered within the paintings.

2. Depictions of the humorous side of life are often his focus.

It’s often said that we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. For example, take the common cold. For most people, it’s a dreaded but expected event. With that in mind, look at several cover articles in the Saturday Evening Post depicting people with colds. If you’ve ever had a cold, you can relate to the scene, but it doesn’t make you feel dejected. It’s a depiction of a common event that may result in a smile or chuckle

3. His masterful skill in technical aspects of drawing and painting is educational for artists.

While visiting, if you happen to notice someone getting as close as possible to a painting, most likely it’s someone trying to learn from the master. They’re probably wondering how he applied paint, and how they can do the same. With Rockwell, the foundation of his paintings are the charcoal drawings. If the foundation is correct, everything else built upon it will tell the story. Artists that are realists will learn a great deal from studying Rockwell’s original work.

4. Strong statements dealing with society are in many of his later works.

As admiration for Rockwell’s art grew, so did his fan base. Even so, there were times when he surprised them by changing his focus from humorous to something serious – serious enough to cut deep.

For example, examine the scene in the painting The Problem We All Live With, which dealt with racial integration in schools. The painting portrays a young black girl, Ruby Bridges, walking to school, when Federal marshals surround her. The graffiti on the wall behind her may cause a rise of strong emotions.

In the 1960s and ’70s, Rockwell often advocated for social issues as individual rights that were a centerpiece of the Civil Rights Movement. Even his lighthearted creations often suggested a shift in current gender roles, divisions of classes, the value of equality, and acceptance of all races and religions.

5. By developing keen observation and hard work, he is an example for all.

You may not be an artist or know much about Norman Rockwell, but as you stroll through the museum, you will be impressed to see his achievements. He created more than 4,000 original works in his lifetime. You’ll find almost 1,000 displayed at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Learning how he accomplished what he did is an example for us all, and a source of inspiration to reach for our dreams.

6. His presentation of subjects will capture your attention and stir your emotions.

Stories attract people. Research has shown that the brain is stimulated by a story the same way it is in real life. Norman Rockwell’s paintings tell stories that cause people, in some fashion, to be part of the story. When viewing one of his paintings, as yourself: what am I thinking? How do I feel?

7. Visiting the museum will create wonderful memories.

Last on the list of 7 reasons to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum is what a visit will do to enhance your appreciation for the Berkshires. There had to be a good reason that Norman Rockwell chose to live out his days in this community. A visit to the museum and the Berkshires will help you understand.

After a day of absorbing beautiful and moving works of art, enjoy some relaxation at Devonfield Inn. Enjoying the beautiful grounds on a pleasant summer evening will complete your beautiful day’s experience in the Berkshires. Make your plans now.


Header Image: Norman Rockwell Museum ©Walter Engles All Rights Reserved